January 3, 2012

Amazing Graphics

*faints* I feel really lame after showing you my Envy Green cover and now showing you these two.  I am absolutely terrible at graphics, it seems. :P I'd like to thank Amy for doing these.  They are stunning!

Really amazing, aren't they?  I love how they're both color-themed, as will the rest of the books in the short story series (I'm planning for five total, so that means three more).  I've stared at the Envy Green cover a lot lately, however, so it's not so O_O-inducing for me.  Unlike the Love Red one.


  1. r u going to write another one? I think an awesome title would be "pretty in blue" :P lol that's just me, trying to be helpful but failing :) luv the covers

  2. There are hopefully going to be five total. ;) I've already got the title planned. But y'all will have to wait to find out what it is....

  3. i kinda agree on the green one i dont really like the eyeball

  4. Um, I didn't say at all that I didn't like it...?

    The green eye is there because the main character's eyes are green like envy.

  5. Thats really cool !!!

  6. That is really awesome! I LOVE THEM! Amy has a gift for graphics. Can you give me a hint on what your books are about?
    PS: How on EARTH did Amy make those? Does she have a computer program or a website she used?

  7. Those are awesome! How did she get the handprint behind the fingerprints? I LOVE them but I'd have to say the green one is my favorite... Sweet!

  8. @Seana: A girl who has a crush on a guy who starts dating another girl. And more. IDK about how Amy made them. You'd have to ask her.
    @July: The clasped hands? Layering of some sort, I would guess.

  9. I am never gonna be able to do anything of the sort! She is pro! Haha ;)

  10. Aw, thanks guys!! =)
    I use Photoshop CS4 extended for all my graphics. =)
    It's really fun to do, and opens up a whole new world of creativity for all artists out there.
    Meanwhile, in terms of the next cover, I am on it. ;)

  11. I'm getting in to making covers(:
    I made this one for a friend of mine.


    I think you'll have to copy it. But, anyway, I love covers. Hahah d:


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