January 19, 2012

Rant, Rant, Rant

So I'm doing another post in the same day.  I feel like ranting.  So one of my best friends isn't having a b-day party.  But she invited me to go sledding on Saturday.  I really wanted to go.  I even had the perfect idea for her present (not telling you what I was thinking of, Kate!).  And I figured we'd be able to work it into our schedule.  But my mother is going to a scrapbooking thing, and my dad is hosting an APBA tournament.  And neither one can get me to my friend's for sledding.  So now I feel positively awful because I've had to let Kate down, and because I wanted to go so bad.  I'll be stuck up in my room, avoiding my dad and his friends.  And my other friend can't come over either, so yay...stuck up in my room... Just what every teenaged girl wants to do on a Saturday.


  1. poor you definitely not my idea of fun on a Saturday

  2. Aww! Bummer. I know this wont help all too much, but try curling up with a good book. That will help the time fly by.


  3. That stinks. :(
    Have you tried asking Kate if her parents could pick you up? They might be willing.

    1. It wouldn't have worked because Dev has theater practice before sledding, and Kate and her mom have to go, too, and the place is 40 minutes away. :P

      But my mom talked with Kate's mom today, and she's coming over after animal shelter duty on Tuesday. :)

  4. Good idea Abbi! That's what I would've suggested too. If you want to help you boredom a little bit, you could always check out my story Stephie at
    It's only up 'till tomorrow 3:30 or after! I hope your weekend turns out ok after all.

  5. When are you posting Love Red?


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