August 28, 2012

Various Stories

On June 30th, I did a post about my writing projects.  Now here we are, almost two months later, and I think I've greatly decreased the amount of projects I have.  Ready to see another list?  This time, I'm only doing the books I'm actively working on and the dormant ones. :)

Actively Worked On
Dancing in the Rain
Diary of a Homeschooler-Cassie
Sixteen (it's active until I know it's officially done)

Diary of a Homeschooler-Jocelyn
MDBC fanfiction
New Hope (Warriors fanfiction)
Jane by Design fanfiction

I like that my fanfictions aren't first priority, since those can never be published.  And I'm thinking these lists looks a lot better than the ones in June!  What are your thoughts?


  1. What your MDBC Fanfiction? Is i would love to read what you have done.

    1. It's actually kind of a series, and I'm book two. The five girls have a MDBC with their daughters. :)

    2. You write that one! Oh My goodness! I absolutely love that one! It is my favorite MDBC Fanfiction ever! It is brilliantly written. Sad that it willbe dormant but I understand why you are doing it. Can't wait for you to return to it!


    3. Lol, not sure what you mean, since I've never published it anywhere. xD I posted a chapter of it on here a long time ago, though.

  2. Ooh I did that once with a bit of a twist to it


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