October 20, 2012

Day Six

And here we are at last, at the final day of our own little fashion week.  I'm about to show a real-life outfit of mine.  It's not complete because I couldn't find the black tights and black cami I wore with it. :P They must be in the wash.  But since the top, skirt, and shoes are all there, I think you're getting a pretty good idea of what I wore this past Sunday to church. :)

My favorite part of the sweater is that part of the back, up towards the neckline, is lace.  And those are my favorite ankle boots.  I will literally wear them every chance I get.  I wore them to the mall when my mom and I went shopping in August.  I wore them to Chicago in September.  And I wear them a lot to co-op.  And if you're wondering, yes, my feet hurt after walking all over Chicago. :P

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