October 22, 2012

Taylor Swift

Pssh, I'm not obsessed with Taylor Swift.  Where did y'all get that crazy idea?!  Oh, wait, I am.... Right now I'm listening to her new album, Red, while wearing my Forever Red fragrance from Bath & Body Works, wearing my red heart flower ring, and watching my Taylor Swift picture slide show.  And no, that's not overkill.  Not to mention I probably have about 75 pictures of her... okay, it might be time to commit me to a mental home.  Or not... xD

Wanna see some of my favorite Tay pictures?  Well you're going to anyways.

Well, I'll stop there, I suppose... you can sigh with relief and cheer now.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. *rolls eyes*


  1. You are obsessed :) Haha, we all love you anyways Emma. Did her new album just come out today??? She is trending on twitter!

    1. Yes, Red came out today and it's already #1. :)

  2. I always adore Taylor's hair! (:


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