October 16, 2012

Day Two

Three new pieces coming your way!  A sweater, a tank, and a pair of jeans.  Tomorrow, something from yesterday or today might just repeat, but for now, it's all new pieces.  This is an outfit I can picture wearing out shopping.  Readers who go to a public or private school, tell me-would you wear something like this to school?


  1. Love the necklace! So cute! The top is awesome, as well.
    Great job as always!

  2. I would wear that! Great job Emma

  3. I actually have that sweater! I was planning on wearing it to school, and then it got too cold too fast to have time for short sleeved sweaters.

    1. That is so cool, Gabby. ^.^ It's still fairly warm here, so if I wore a jacket over the sweater, I'd be okay once I got to school.


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