June 10, 2013

My Writing Projects

So I think it's time again for another round-up of all my writing projects: active and dormant.

The Homeschooling Reality
6 Hours, 13 Minutes
La Malediction (French for The Curse)
The Twenty-Four (a working title)

I don't have a lot I'm planning to work on soon.  They're either completely shelved at the moment or active.  But there are a few...
Forever Mortal
Secrets Long Kept

And as you all know, Teen Author is completed.  I'm having a few friends read it and critique it and I hope to start querying agents some time this fall.

Also, I took the ACT on Saturday, and I think it went well.  English and reading were pretty easy.  Math wasn't too hard (which has me worried because whenever you feel you did well on a math test, you often do poorly), and science was really hard.  I'm praying I get a good score, and we'll know in 3-8 weeks. :P


  1. Hey Emma I'm doing Camp NanoWrimo for the first time this July and I'm really excited but I literally know nothing about it. Any tips you have that might help me?

    1. Get into a good cabin with fun cabinmates (I'm Janeite16, if you'd like to request me). Make sure to make time for writing each day. Find those special things that help you be more productive (for me, that's a solid playlist, Coke, Oreos, and a comfy place to write). They say not to focus on editing while writing, but I generally edit a bit as I reread what I've already written. Also, set a feasible writing goal. You can always raise it, if you find yourself being more productive than you thought you'd be. Hope this helps!

    2. http://dailyfig.figment.com/2013/05/28/elizabeth-norris-asks-you-what-if/


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