June 3, 2013

3 Awesome Author's Websites

When I become a published author, I'd love to have a website that has my bio, FAQs, my blog, info about my book(s), and information/advice for aspiring writers.  That's why I visit three author sites fairly often-for the writing advice.

When I first visited Shannon Hale's site, I was ecstatic to find her writing advice.  No author website I'd visited before had something like this.  I've provided a direct link to her specific section on writing, but feel free to explore everything else, too.

Last fall, I officially explored Ally's site and found that lovely webpage linked to above.  It was during NaNoWriMo, I think, and I spent several hours one evening reading everything she had to say.  It's all very useful information, so please check it out if you're a writer!

Usually, every time I read something from a new author, I go check out their website.  So I checked out Marissa's on Tuesday afternoon and quite enjoyed myself.  I saw she had some good writing advice (I think it was in her blog posts, so you'll have to skim to find the posts you're looking for).

I hope this is helpful for any fellow aspiring authors. :)

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