December 27, 2013

Random Friday: Bookworm Things

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It's about time I did something about being a bookworm, yes?  After all, this blog used to be named Bookworm/Future Author and bookworm is still in the URL.  So let's get started...

It's a personal library kit.  I WANT.

Do you expect me to have just one or do you want a list the length of the Bible.

Anyone else get asked this all the time?  My pastor's wife asked me this a couple weeks ago, and then when I couldn't answer, she told me to name five.  That was only slightly easier.

"Fine, books. But what else do you want for Christmas?"
"More books."
"That movie version of my favorite book."

I think I've already discussed this in, like, two posts, but it's very true.

…this is a bad habit.


School year, anyone?

My time fluctuates.  Some weeks, I have more time than others.

To co-op...on trips...

Wondering if I've ever actually said that to anyone...

Well there's a reason I'm now blogging for them...

I have one purse that can fit books.  It's very sad.

I mean, there's other stuff I'd like to get, but books and giftcards to bookstores are always nice.

I'd post about a million more, but...


  1. Hi, hope you had a good Christmas.
    I love Random Fridays! Would you consider hosting one for my blog?

    1. You're actually allowed to do your own post for each week's Random Fridays post on your blog.

  2. Love these. The one about fitting books in my bag is especially true, and the '4 hours later . . .' one.
    My post:


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