December 20, 2013

Random Friday: Christmas Wish List

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Christmas is five days away, and in case it isn't noticeable, I'm super excited.  I love the whole season, because it feels so cheerful.  Is there anything in particular you want for Christmas?  Here are some things I'd like to receive.

I'd love giftcards to an abundance of places: RBTL, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, the Disney Store, Hot Topic, Delia*s...

Speak Now Deluxe Edition CD (Feat. "Ours")
Taylor Swift CDs, including Speak Now Deluxe.
I have all of her songs on iTunes, but I only own physical copies of Red Deluxe and Beautiful Eyes.

Disney Fairytale Designer Collection journals
I got the Beauty and the Beast one back in September, but it was hard choosing between it and the Rapunzel/Flynn one.  I like two of the others, as well (Ariel/Eric and Jasmine/Aladdin).
They're sold out at the Disney store (at least, online). I checked Amazon and eBay and they're, like, $30 both places, so I don't think I'll be getting them unfortunately.

Various Disney movies
There are so many I don't have on DVD or at all.  I'm asking for Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University and The Little Mermaid.

Well, I'll feature most of the books I asked for on Tuesday, but I have 10 on my Secret Santa wishlist.  By the time this blog post goes up, I'll likely have received the package, but here are the ones I want most...
Just One Day
Sixteenth Summer
How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True
Six Months Later
So hopefully at least one of those was in the package. :)

What about y'all?  What books have you asked for?  Anything else?  I also need suggestions for future Random Friday posts.  I have them planned through the end of February, but I'm always looking for ideas, especially if it means y'all want to see them.


  1. Those journals are awesome! I want one!! How much are they normally at the Disney store? There are so many books on my Christmas wishlist. I think my family was a bit overwhelmed when I sent them my list. Haha. Hopefully I come home with a good haul!

    1. I think my Beauty and the Beast one was about $15-$20. Not sure they're still in stores, though. :(


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