January 3, 2014

Random Friday: Modcloth

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Modcloth is one of my favorite websites.  I love to look at the clothes, even though I can't buy half of them.  I definitely have my favorite pieces, and I'd like to share them with y'all.

Write Your Bestseller Tee

The Write Your Bestseller Tee.  Kind of fitting for a writer, isn't it?

Have the Dance Floor Dress in Mint

Have the Dance Floor Dress in mint.  I love how retro it looks, and the color is beautiful.

Author's Autograph Dress

Author's Autograph Dress.  I don't think I'll ever get this one (it's almost sold out, and it's on sale), but it would be perfect for a book signing.

Office Chic Dress

The Office Chic Dress.  Very retro and very Emma-esque.

Once Upon a Thyme Coat in Salt and Pepper

Once Upon a Time Coat in salt and pepper.  It's basically a cape, and this fairytale lover is enamored.

Fun of Those Days Dress

I'm discovering that I like a lot of outfits with polka dots these days, and the Fun of Those Days Dress is no exception.

Give a Little Glisten Dress in Teal

Give a Little Glisten Dress in teal.  Isn't it pretty?

Isle Seat Wedge

Isle Seat Wedge.  I love the pop of color that this shoe would add to my wardrobe.  So many of my shoes are neutral colors.

Recitation Ready Dress

Recitation Ready Dress.  I seem to like a lot of clothing pieces in shades of teal...

And then one of my absolute favorite pieces, the Paddington Flare Coat, which is no longer available.

So are you a fan of Modcloth?  Or is there some other clothing store you love even more?


  1. I LOVE this random Friday post. I especially like the polka-dotted one. Very cute.

  2. Nice post. I'm not doing Random Fridays this week, since the topic didn't really interest me- not that Modcloth doesn't seem cool, but shopping and clothes aren't really my thing- but I like the pieces you found. Especially the Once Upon a Time coat.

  3. I Love Modcloth! I can't afford most of the clothes, but they are so fun to look at! Two of my favorite dresses is the Enchanting Encore Dress and the Lace to the City Dress.

  4. I love looking at Modcloth! I can't afford most of the clothes, but they are so pretty to look at. :) I love the Author's Autograph Dress, it's beautiful (I love the name too).

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    1. Ugh, yeah, I can't afford most of the stuff, too. I've only made one Modcloth purchase. It was a skirt that I wore to a sock hop at my co-op, but I've been able to wear it again, thankfully.

  5. Hello! I really enjoy reading your blog, it's fantastic :)
    ...the only drawback being you've reviewed so many books that I haven't read that my TBR list has doubled (and it was plenty long enough already)
    I saw somewhere on one of your posts that you have a Twitter account; can you please tell me what it is? I'd like to follow you~

    1. I'd apologize, but... I'm really not that sorry. ;)

      My handle is @emmasaska.

    2. Thank you! :)

      Also, I was just wondering, have you read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak?

  6. Modcloth is so addicting! I always love their selections. Looks like you have great style!!!

    1. Well, thank you! :) And yes, Modcloth is quite addicting.


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