January 23, 2014

Thoughts on The *Book Shimmy* Awards

So yesterday was the much-anticipated *Book Shimmy* Awards, hosted by the Epic Reads team at HarperTeen.  If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, go here: *Book Shimmy* Awards, where you can watch the stream and check out all the winners.  It was the first ever book awards solely for YA fiction.  One week on Tea Time, we helped choose categories.  Then we got to nominate books and authors and characters for the various categories and then everyone got to vote for the finalists and the winners.

I was a bit disappointed with the finalists (especially for the Best of Shelf and Pagemaster awards because they were the same five books/authors) in many categories so I didn't vote for too many of the final categories.

And after the show yesterday, I was a bit disappointed in the winners.  I haven't heard or read of many of the books, and while I loved Allegiant and liked The Elite, I don't think they deserved to win as many categories as they did.  So, I decided to say who I think should've won from the final options and who I think should've won, even if they weren't nominated. (Note: all books nominated had to be released in 2013.)

Best of Shelf (Best Book Overall)
This is one of the categories that I didn't vote in, so I can't really say.

But my choice otherwise is...Scarlet by Marissa Meyer.

The Pagemaster (Best Author)
I do think Veronica Roth deserved Best Author.

But who would I have chosen if she hadn't been an option?  Definitely Ally Carter.  She published a free e-novella, had two full-length books release (Perfect Scoundrels and United We Spy), and sold her next series (Embassy Row!).  That makes her a Pagemaster in my book.

Leading Lady (Best Female Character)
Cammie Morgan was robbed (although Elisa is definitely awesome enough that she could've won, and I would've been happy).

It's a toss-up between Cammie and Allyson (Just One Day).  I'd say Scarlet from A.C. Gaughen's Scarlet, too, but that released in 2012.

Leading Laddie (Best Male Character)
Hector should've won, without a doubt.  I hadn't even read Girl of Fire and Thorns yet, and I voted for him, mostly because I knew several people who raved over him.

Other than that...totally Carswell Thorne from Marissa Meyer's Scarlet (can't wait for Cress!) or Finn from All Our Yesterdays.

Secondary Character Most in Need of His/Her Own Book
Probably Kenji from Unravel Me.

Beast from Dark Triumph.

Most Kick-Butt Hero/Heroine
*category name is revised because I keep this blog PG*
Y'alls know I adore Tris, but Celaena from Crown of Midnight (I've only read Throne of Glass thus far, but whatever) deserved it way more.

Still Celaena.  I'd say Ismae from Grave Mercy, but that's not a 2013 book.

Best Friendship
I'm okay with America and Marlee (from The Elite) winning, because I think their friendship is sweet, but...

I ship Cammie and Bex (United We Spy), Cinder and Iko (Scarlet), and Anna and Emma (Time After Time).  All as friends, of course.

Couple of the Year
Why Levi and Cath from Fangirl didn't win is beyond me.

Other than them, Hector and Elisa (The Bitter Kingdom) or Trevor and Addie (Pivot Point).

Scariest Fathomable Future (Best Dystopian)
I hadn't even read any of the nominated books, so...

I'd vote for Pawn by Aimee Carter.

Is This Real Life? (Best Fantasy)
Scarlet by Marissa Meyer won.  I'm excited, because I love-love-love Scarlet, but it's not fantasy!  It's sci-fi!  So, of the nominated books, I'm leaning towards The Bitter Kingdom because I've read it, but I think Crown of Midnight is worthy of the award, too.

World Series Champion (Best Series to Finish in 2013)
Out of the finalists, Girl of Fire and Thorns should've won.

But other than that, it definitely should've been the Gallagher Girls series.

The Cheese Stands Alone (Best Standalone)
I was happy Fangirl won, and I also would've been happy with The Distance Between Us.

Buuuutttttt, Going Vintage totally takes the cake.

New Kid on the Block (Debut Author)
I was super happy that A.G. Howard and Splintered won!  I really have no complaints here.

If You Don't Give Me This Book Right Now, I Will Cut Someone (Most-Anticipated Book of 2014)
Cress was robbed.  Seriously.

And all I can think is Cressssss, so I guess y'all know what I wanted to win.

Most Emotionally Crippling Ending
Well, Allegiant's ending was pretty crippling, so it deserved the award. Pivot Point's ending was a bit crippling, too.

Other than those, too, I think All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill and Parallel by Lauren Miller were emotionally-crippling.

The Feels Award
Out of the finalists, I have to say Just One Day.

But Time After Time by Tamara Ireland Stone really took the cake for me.

The Hangover Award
Well, since I read Just One Day and had to return it to the library immediately (I couldn't renew it, and I was sort of left in a daze.

However, Pivot Point and United We Spy gave me bigger book hangovers.

Best Book Fandom
Harry Potter won, and since I'm not a part of that fandom...of the nominees, I think The Hunger Games fandom might be the best.

Lunartics (The Lunar Chronicles) and Gallagher Girls are better fandoms, though.

Best YA-Adapted Movie of TV Show
I'm really happy that Catching Fire won, so there's nothing I would've preferred. 


  1. Because of no internet, I wasn't able to see the Book Shimmy Awards take place, but I did hear about the Allegiant and The Elite sweeping of the awards caused dissent among people. I nodded at most of your choices!

    1. I saw that you and Shae missed them! :( Glad you liked most of what I thought should win.

  2. Just wondering seeing as you are a big reader. Have you read Harry Potter? And if not why haven't you?

    1. I believe I've discussed this before, but I have not. The wizardry and witchcraft in the books do not align with my beliefs, and I want to obey God and be careful about what I put into my mind.

    2. Understandable. Thank you for answering.

      Oh and I totally agree with you that Cammie should have won.

  3. I agree with every TLC and GG/Ally Carter point you made, as those are my people. CRESS was absolutely robbed! Like, who ISN'T dying to get their grabby hands on it?

    I actually really like The Elite (though I think I preferred The Selection), so I was happy that it won several awards. I agree with you, though, that Cammie and Bex should have won. I adore their friendship. And Thorne, too!

    Okay, why am I still going--I could have stopped at "I agree with every TLC and GG/Ally Carter point you made."

  4. Love seeing your choices! We're hoping next year's categories will help diversify the nomination pool a little because it was pretty much the Allegiant and Elite show. Either way, thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts!

    1. Yes, hopefully that'll help! Thank you so much for stopping by, and I did enjoy the awards and was very excited for them!


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