August 12, 2019

Emma's Favorite Styles ATM

Since I'm working at a fashion boutique right now, I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my favorite styles and trends at the moment.


Mustard keeps fading in and out of style, but it's a nice earthy tone to match with blacks, browns, navy blues, and even some olive greens.

Rose pink is having a hey-day, as is rose gold. I got the prettiest rosy velvet skirt from Modcloth earlier this summer:

That's another thing - velvet - especially crushed velvet - is in again, and I am HERE FOR IT. I tried to get this gorgeous velvet midi-skirt romper for junior-senior over a year ago, but my mom said no, haha. But at least I got this skirt. There's just something so elegant and antique about velvet. But we're talking about colors.

I seem to favor navy blue, like, a lot. Blue is always in style, and if you go for navy, it's technically a neutral, so it's great for a work wardrobe.


Rompers and jumpsuits are sticking around. Which is fine and all, but most do not look good on me. And the two rompers I do own shrunk in the wash even though I line-dried them. :( I just don't have the torso length for most rompers/jumpsuits. But props to those who can rock them.

I've really noticed that tie-front shirts are in this season, which isn't quite my thing. I like my shirts to be a little longer, or I like to tuck them into my skirts so a tie-front prevents that.

While cold-shoulder tops/dresses have started to fade from the scene, off-the-shoulder pieces are sticking around. I have a turquoise off-the-shoulder dress from Francesca's that I LOVE. (Mainly because I wore it to walk around the Met one day, and one of the live musicians at the balcony cafe complimented it.)

The 90s are definitely back in vogue. Everyone wants stone-washed denim, chokers, and scrunchies. I was barely alive for the 90s, and I wish we hadn't brought back most of those trends. 

I've discovered the joy of jeggings; most skinny jeans just feel too tight to me so I often went for a straight-leg denim, but I decided to try on some jeggings at Kohls last fall, and now they're all I want to wear. They feel like denim, but they're more like a proper skinny jean, yet I can move around in them. These are the most similar style-wise to what I have, but mine are a dark-wash more similar to these (but mine aren't high-rise). If Kohls gets more like mine again this fall, I'm definitely snagging another pair. I also wouldn't say to some in a nice burgundy color, like ones Taylor Swift wore a few years ago.

One of the staple pieces in my wardrobe is this dress:

I have it in five different colors and patterns, lol, and it's such an easy thing to dress down or dress up a little for work. I'm still searching for it in an elusive dark gray cotton-y fabric because I borrowed a similar dress from a friend in college on a couple occasions, but she didn't know where she'd gotten it, and she liked it enough that she wouldn't let me buy it from her, lol.


So I tend to only get new shoes if I see something that really strikes my fancy, OR if one of my other pairs is falling apart. And even then, I favor sandals/flip-flops and boots. I hate the in-between seasons where it's too warm or cold for my preferred shoes and I have to wear flats or sneakers. So if I had my choice, I'd pretty much only ever wear ankle booties and sandals. I did get a couple new pairs over the last year. I got gladiator-esque sandals to go with a new romper, and I got a sleeker silhouette sandal that has a little bit of a block heel, just so I'd have another option to wear to work that hopefully wouldn't kill my feet. (I was gonna share those, but alas, Aldo seems to be sold out of them already.)

I will share these ankle booties from DSW that are super similar to a pair I own.

I actually might have to get a pair because I've worn mine so much that the heels are starting to wear. 

So what are your favorite styles at the moment? Do you have any staple pieces you've worn for years? How would you describe your style? Let's talk clothes! :)


  1. Ok, I really liked this post. You should make it a regular or semi-regular thing. (And I say this as someone who is generally not into fashion, so, yeah.)

    Those booties are really cute! If they didn't have a heel (and I wanted to spend that much money) I would be super tempted to get a pair myself! (Also, I completely agree that sandals and boots are the best shoes.)

    The pink velvet skirt you posted at the top of the post is pretty nice-looking too. I don't know if I'd wear it or not, but I love the texture!

    I'm also not a fan of the jumpers/rompers trend or the tie-front shirts . . . and I kind of wish that the off-the-shoulder tops trend would go away too? But that's mostly because I don't feel comfortable wearing them myself. (Honestly, why does the amount of sleeve in dresses and dressy tops keep decreasing? It's so frustrating.)

    I am glad that longer skirts are still popular, though, since I prefer either maxi skirts or really swirly/swingy midi skirts. (I have one dark blue skirt with white dots that I've had for ages and really love . . . it's starting to get a hole in it, though, so I'm trying to find a good replacement. :( I did get a black one about the same length that's really flowy and swirly, though, so that's nice.)

  2. Love this post! Both the skirt and the dress you posted a photo of are cute! I totally agree with rompers, they're cute, but they just don't look good on me. I love rose pink and rose gold, but blue is always what I'm drawn to in clothes (I have soooo many blue pieces of clothing!).

    I still love cold-shoulder tops/dresses, but I like off the shoulder dresses/tops, too. Jeggings are amazing! They look good, but are so comfortable. I love them.

    I have a hard time finding shoes that fit me (Size 11/12, which is not great.), and that are comfortable. But I love flip-flops! I favor them over all types of shoes. Boots are pretty much the only kind of shoe I use in winter, but I do love a cute/comfortable pair of flats. Esp. if they have a little glitter on them (I kind of love anything that sparkles!). :)


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