March 27, 2020

So You Like... #94

I feel like these posts sometimes tell you my state of mind when I was planning them. With this one, it's going to be super evident, lol. And maybe the rest of you will start to feel the same once you hear about my recommendations. So you like...

(book covers link to Goodreads)

This book is all about cooking and some of the details reminded me of Waitress and how Jenna creates her pies. Emoni's recipes are even included in the book! (And I made one of them.)

If you love food as much as you love books, this is the one for you. It's full of short essays about recipes inspired by the author's favorite books from childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. You can read about If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, then make brown butter chocolate chip cookies. You can learn what white soup (from P&P) actually is. You can mull over The Secret History while diving into braised leg of lamb. It's a feast for the senses.

I love when main characters' passions shine through. All Four Stars has that, a good dose of humor, and plenty of food to make your stomach rumble.

If you like a bit of mystery with your dessert, look no further than this cozy mystery series set in a teahouse in Amish country. There are recipes to try at the end of each book, and everyone is constantly talking about tea, pastries, and other goodies.

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If you're looking for more teenage bakers, though, this Swoon Reads romance is a great pick.

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Maybe you don't like to bake. Maybe your sweet tooth is focused entirely on ice cream. This book, about a female-run creamery, would definitely be a good choice for you then.

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Finally, don't forget to pick up this lovely anthology that's a tribute to a fictional neighborhood filled with delicious restaurants. There's everything from soul food to Native American fare, Chinese to a Mexican bakery.

What are your favorite food-related books? Please tell me, because I'm dying for some more to devour!

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