November 28, 2011

I retract my "Ugh!!!"  I shortened my word count to 35,000 words, and now I 940 words to write! :) I plan to hopefully extend my word count, if I finish those words way before November 30th, 11 PM.  I'm only going to finish DoaH, though.  That's more important to me.  Plus, I'm kind of frustrated with MDBC because it just will not be written.  Or be long enough to satisfy me.  Well, whatever.  If you're NaNo-writing, tell me if you've finished your word count already or tell me when you do!  Now off to go make a bagel... (I don't think I've spilled this secret yet: I absolutely adore bagels.  They're one of my most favorite foods in the whole world.  Whoever-would it be whomever?-I marry better like bagels. xD)

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