November 18, 2011

Oh. My. MDBC.

Guys, check out who just commented on my blog!  I think this calls for a celebration! *does a happy-dance, then blushes when Mom gives me a weird look* Check for the celebratory post coming this weekend! ;)


  1. Yeah, Heather is awesome! I regularly look at her blog. I've seen your comments there (I think). Oh and I was looking at the time when you posted this. 10:48? In the morning? Did u have no school or something?

  2. I post as Emma, #1 MDBC Fan. ;)

    LOL, I'm homeschooled!

  3. I'm homeschooled too. I rarely get to use the computer because my brother is doing NaNo.

  4. That's awesome that she commented on your blog. I love the Mother-Daughter book club series. I also noticed that you put The Sixty-Eight Rooms as one of your favorite books, too, which I love. Have you ever been to see that exhibit at the museum?


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