November 16, 2011

A Problem

The problem with Cassie and her blog is that her blog has to be written in MODERN time.  Whereas, with her book, I'm already into 2012.  And I'm only halfway done, so I really should be starting her junior year of high school.  Yet, I'm only in her freshmen year.  Not cool.  "Write faster, Emma!" I tell myself.  Easier said than done.  I definitely need to work on my techniques on putting bigger gaps in between each entry.  There's just so much going on in her life right now, though!

Want a little spoiler for DoaH?  Cassie's mom starts dating again, and Cassie absolutely abhors the guy.  She has this feeling that's he's not what he seems to be, and she just might be right....

1 comment:

  1. I officially NEED to read this! It sounds great!
    Here's a hint: you win NaNo if you finish your word goal in a month, even if your novel is nowhere close to done. ;) So, if you're at 25k now, you dont necessarily have to be halfway through the story. :)


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