December 24, 2011


So, this is going to be the place to brag about all those terrific gifts you got.  I just have one rule: if you got an iPad, don't mention it because it'll make me very depressed, LOL.

I got...
a ton of books (duh!), including a Jane Austen treasury
a flat-iron
a magnetic bulletin board
Barnes & Noble giftcard
a new cell phone with a full QWERTY keyboard.  Best Christmas gift ever.  It's going to make texting so much easier.  I have to wait to activate it until my dad's minutes expire (he's getting my old cell phone), but I'm going to have a poll up soon about what y'all think I should get as my ringtone. ;)


  1. I got:

    a kindle
    some clothes
    a kinect and xbox 360
    An ihome
    a koala hat
    some earmuffs
    a pen
    and........... *DO NOT READ, EMMA.......An Ipad! *

  2. How can I help not reading it, when I have to publish the comment and check to make sure it's appropriate? *rolls eyes* Kindle and iPad... I'm glad for my new cell phone, but I really need an iPad. :P

  3. i got.....
    a new cell phone with full QWERTY keyboard
    Ipod touch
    and emma for your good don't read this an Ipad

    but i didn't get what i really wanted a puppy to name Pip :(
    oh well there is always my birthday :)

  4. I got:
    -Menchie's gift card
    -Starbucks gift card
    -Jewish star necklace
    -Spanish desk calendar
    -2 Sweaters
    -Exercise bike
    -Just Dance 3 Wii Game
    -Some dice game I can't remember the name of for the life of me. xD

  5. I got
    -clock/dock for i iPod Touch
    -more socks
    -tons of nailpolish
    -MORE socks
    -angry birds
    -and some clothing
    but no ipad or what i really REALLY want, a puppy.


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