December 20, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree!

I decided to show off my family's Christmas tree and some of the various ornaments. (Also, I added a picture of my earrings to the last post.)

So that's the tree!  With the small multitude of presents underneath, my Rebecca doll (my mom wanted one of my AG dolls downstairs in their Christmas or Hanukkah outfit), and three Christmas-dressed Build-a-Bears.

There's the star!  We used to have an angel, but it kind of...fell apart, LOL, so now we use a star.  After all, it was a star that led the Magi to the baby Jesus.

My lovely Eiffel Tower ornament.  Yes, I am obsessed with France. *rolls eyes*

That's from our trip to NYC in 2008.  I love the colors of that ornament.

I am proud to say I'm a shopaholic!

Those are my three Christmas bears!  Alisa the Happy Hugs Teddy, Polaris the Polar Bear, and Chrysanthemum the Autumn Hugs Bear.

And, one of my favorite ornaments on the tree, our little glass nativity scene.

Happy Birthday to my Lord and Savior!


  1. Your Christmas tree is very pretty!

  2. Oh I love the Christmas Tree it is so pretty! very Christmas-y

  3. Very Pretty tree
    Happy Birthday to the Lord my savior too!

  4. I'm also proud to say that I'm a fellow shopaholic! =D

  5. i love the christmas tree! Merry christmas!


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