December 17, 2011

~~The Mall~~

Morning, y'all.  I had a long, tiring day yesterday, so I waited to blog until this morning.  We left at about nine and didn't get home until four, so I was just pooped.  I got...two shirts at Aeropostale, a necklace at Delia*s, lotion and fragrance at Bath & Body Works (none of the lip glosses appealed to me, which is tres sad :(), a couple stuffed animals, and some awesome boots at Payless Shoe Source.  I didn't find a lot of stuff I wanted, but I had lots of fun.

Oh, and yeah, my ears are pierced.  It wasn't too painful.  It felt like a slightly worse feeling than when I had taken off my clip-on earrings after wearing them for awhile.  Or maybe like falling down and scraping my knee.  They hurt afterward for a bit, but not too bad.  If you go on the Claire's website and check out the ear piercing section, you can click on a link and see their earring options.  I got the crystal tanzanite daisies.  I wanted the other flowers or my birthstone, but they were too expensive.  Crazy how expensive earrings can be.

In other news, we got SNOW last night!  I came down to the landing and happened to glance out my window and my face literally looked like this :O.  I didn't know we were going to get snow, so it was quite a surprise.


  1. OMIGOSH! When I got my ears pierced at Claire's I got the crystal tananite daisy too! I still have them in because I got my ears dine a few weeks ago. I get to take them out on New Years Eve.

  2. Yay Emma! (for the ear piercing and the snow)

  3. You are so lucky! SNOW! We have NONE! And I live in Minnesota!! Do you know how horrid this is?

  4. Yay for Emma for the ear piercing and snow wish we had snow in socal :(


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