March 27, 2013

My "Audience"

As Blogger puts it, I can see my audience.  That is, the countries people are from or the countries they're accessing my blog in.

Since March is almost over, I thought I'd post the stats. :)

#1 is the United States (that's a given).
#2 is Russia.  I've noticed my blog is kinda popular in Russia.  In a sense.  This month, I've had 94 pageviews in Russia.
#3 is Germany.
#4 is France.  Y'all know how happy that makes me, haha.
#5 is Latvia.  That's another surprising one.  It has less than half the pageviews in France (37-Latvia; 72-France), but it's still cool and surprising.
#6 is India.
#7 is the U.K.
#8 is Canada.  This one really surprises me, at least in its placement on the list.  I figured Canada (and the U.K., for that matter) would be in the top 5.
#9 is China.
#10 is Poland.

So here's a shout-out to those 10 countries, and thank you to everyone who has visited my blog!

(This week, I've had pageviews in the U.S., Germany, Russia, the U.K., Canada, Poland, Mexico, China, the United Arab Emirates, and Bulgaria, in case y'all were wondering.  Probably not.  And if you were wondering about today, Russia is #1, U.S. is #2, U.K. is #3, Mexico is #4, and the Philippines are #5.)


  1. Hi, Emma! I'm Audrey from
    Your blog is really cool! And this is really interesting, especially that you have views from places like Russia, China, India, Latvia...

  2. Hey Emma, loving your blog! In fact, I love it so much I nominated you for the Liebster award! See my blog for details.
    -DP :)

  3. Isn't it interesting seeing how many people from all over the world are finding your blog? I think it's so cool!!

    1. It's definitely cool!

      And, hopefully someday if I'm published, these will be the people to pick up my book first. :)


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