November 21, 2013

A Very Special Interview

About a year ago, 5 Twitter accounts appeared out of the blue. To the average person, they seem quite ordinary. To fans of The Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick, these accounts are very exciting. That's right, Becca Chadwick, Jess Delaney, Emma Hawthorne, Cassidy Sloane, and Megan Wong are all on Twitter. No one knows who is running these accounts-although the girls claim it's them-but that's not what this post is about. I'd prefer to help keep the mystery alive.
But I had the privilege of interviewing Emma, Jess, Becca, Megan, and Cassidy, and, well, I'll just let you see for yourself.

1) So why did you suddenly decide to join Twitter?
Megan: I think it was mostly my idea. I wanted another platform to talk about fashion and promote my blog (which I admit to abandoning a lot), and I talked the others into it.
Becca: Well, more like she talked Emma, Jess, and Cassidy into it. I'd been wanting to join Twitter for awhile.

2) Some of you are more active than others.
Emma: It depends on how much people interact with us. People talk to Megan and I the most, I think.
Jess: I'm crazy busy at Colonial, so I don't have a lot of time. I try when I can, though.

3) What interests are revealed through Twitter that we didn't see in the books?
B: We all love Once Upon a Time.
M: Definitely. Oh, and Becs and I like One Direction and Glee.
E: I follow a lot of authors and book-related accounts that aren't mentioned in the books.
J: People have been surprised to learn Emma and I are Taylor Swift fans. Last fall, Emma dropped by on Red's release day to bring me the album, since she knew I was too busy to leave campus.
Cassidy: I'm the most predictable, I guess. I follow my favorite sports teams and Cammi Granato and Wayne Gretzky.

4) Okay, so I have to ask. Last we saw y'all, the romantic relationships were changing. Who's single and who's in a relationship?
J: I'm still with Darcy. He's a sophomore at Dartmouth now.
M: Simon and I are most definitely still together.
B: I'm single.
E: I'm still dating Stewart.
C: Really? You want to know about my love life?
M: She's sort of with Tristan.
C: Shut up.

5) All right, moving on! Y'all are seniors and applying to colleges. Any chance you'll all end up at the same school?
J: It's highly unlikely.
B: We're all applying to different places, although Megs and I are both considering Kent State in Ohio.
M: I'll probably end up at FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology] or Columbia College, though. (Words in brackets mine.)

6) So what do y'all want to major in?
M: I've been considering fashion design for a long time, but then I found out about fashion merchandising in my college search, so I might major in that.
J: I'm still a bit undecided. Most of the schools I've applied to, though, offer equine studies. Savannah and I have talked about opening a stable together.
C: My main goal is some place I can play hockey, preferably Division I. Then I want to major in physical education or athletic training.
E: Writing, definitely.
B: Well, I really took to heart what my grandmother said when we were in the Twin Cities, and I'm really interested in architecture and interior design.

7) Those all sound awesome. What's something significant that happened since the end of your sophomore year?
E: I'm going to have another book published! This one is middle grade fiction, so I'm slowly moving up in age level, haha.
M: I spent the summer of 2012 in Paris with Gigi, Edouard, and Sophie. It was an amazing experience.
B: One of my friends on the cheerleading squad made a movie for her senior project last year. I got to be one of the leads.
J: I rode for Colonial in a big show and took second in dressage and show jumping and fourth in cross country.
C: Chicks With Sticks has expanded! I had so many girls wanting to join that I had to look for a second coach. But it means twice as many classes can be taught.

8) Anything random you want to add?
C: Becca and I are practically BFFs now.
B: No, seriously, we're really good friends! Who would ever have thought that would happen?
E: None of us hate Becca anymore.
C: At least consistently.
B: Hey!
J: She's kidding!

9) More MDBC books: would you girls want those?
E: Of course!
M: I would love for everyone to see what's happened to us over the last two years.
E: Yeah, it would've been nice if Heather [Vogel Frederick] could've closed out the series with our senior year. But I understand that can't always happen. (Words in brackets mine.)
J: Oh, but Heather is an amazing author. She told our stories fabulously and honestly.
M: Yeah, thank goodness it wasn't us writing the books. We would've been...what's it called when a character is perfect?
E: A Mary Sue. Yeah, we would've been Mary Sues. So thank goodness we didn't tell our stories! With Heather, you get all our flaws and our stupidity.
B: Well, I wouldn't exactly call it stupidity.
E: Seriously, how do you keep forgetting sixth and seventh grade?
B: Shouldn't you be over that by now?
M: Oh, c'mon, girls!

And on that happy note, I'd like to thank the MDBC girls for this interview. It was so much fun and so good to hear what's been going on with their lives!  If you'd like to follow them on Twitter, their usernames are...

Becca Chadwick: @BeccaLChadwick
Jess Delaney: @JessGoatGirl
Emma Hawthorne: @EmsJHawthorne
Cassidy Sloane: @CassidySloane
Megan Wong: @Megan_Rose_Wong


  1. This is so cool, Emma! And now I really feel like I need to hurry up and read the MDBC books, because I'm intrigued.

  2. Reading this makes me want to go back and finish the series! This was really fun! :)


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