November 22, 2013

Random Friday: Bucket List

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Bucket lists.  Perhaps you have one or maybe you have a vague idea of what yours is.  I think mine is ever-changing as I accomplish things on it and think of new things to add.  So let's start.

1. Bucket List

Y'all had to expect that one, right?

2. Deck of Dreams

I'd love to tour a lot of castles actually, but Neuschwanstein tops my list because it was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty's castle at Disneyland.

3. Twitter / Recent images by @TheBucktList

I'd wear one of those masks from my Random Friday post about a month ago.

4. before i die - Polyvore

Why?  Just for fun.

5. Get at least one book published by HarperCollins so Epic Reads will talk about me on Tea Time.

6. Bucket List / Your Bucket List.

7. things to do before I die

8. Meet all my favorite authors. (So far, one down...about eight left, of those who are living.)

9. Experience New Year's Eve in Paris.

Okay, now I really want to hear all about your bucket lists.  Don't have a blog to post it on?  Sound off in the comments!  But if you do have a blog, I'd love for you to post on this topic and then link to it below.

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