November 14, 2013

NaNo Day Fourteen

Word count: 23,301 words as of last night at 10:35 PM
Song of the day: "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables

Tomorrow is the halfway point! With my book, I'm past the halfway point, and with all my writing projects (as you can see to the right), I am more than halfway there.

I've been neglecting my other two main WIPs this month to focus on To Die, To Sleep (and schoolwork).  One is going to be completely reworked because I felt it wasn't unique enough.  The other...well, I'm thinking of reworking it, too.  It's just going nowhere and I'm not seeing much character growth.

So how are the rest of your WIPs going this month?  Have they been shoved aside?  Are you including any work on them in your NaNo word count?  Anything else you want to add?

Also: I am cancelling Random Fridays for this week because I have too much going on between NaNo, school, and work.  Don't worry!  I plan to have it next week and on the 29th still. ;)

1 comment:

  1. My other WIPs are on hold for NaNo. I have enough to do with just Destinies and Decisions and schoolwork.


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