April 21, 2017

Random Friday: Creative Nonfiction

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I talked a bit about CNF and memoirs last fall. Reading more food and travel memoirs is definitely still on my agenda, but I haven't been checking a lot of physical books out of the library, and they don't have many titles as e-books. I did read a few over Christmas break, especially while I was traveling to Chicago, and hopefully I can read more this summer.

I read The Man Who Ate Everything, which taught me way more than I needed to know about the nutritional facts of certain foods.
I also read Maman's Homesick Pie, which was good but not great. I definitely loved learning about a different culture's food, but I don't think the timeline of the book was well-organized.
I finished 2016 by reading A Pig in Provence, which frankly bored and annoyed me. I liked some of the bits about provincial French life, but most of the characters grated on my nerves.

This year, I've read Lauren Graham's memoir and one of Ina Garten's books (which is more cookbook than CNF), so I definitely need to get cracking.

Even if I haven't liked every example of CNF I've read, I'm optimistic, mostly because I liked the first two I read (Delancey and The Wilder Life, in case you're wondering).

Is there a specific type of CNF you feel drawn to? Anthologies, food memoirs, travel memoirs, autobiographies...

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