April 7, 2017

Random Friday: Handwriting

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Handwriting has always been pretty cool, to me at least. I love how it's kind of like someone's voice in written form, and handwriting can say so much about a person.

When I was around eleven or twelve, I purposefully started writing a bit more neatly with rounder letters, and I started putting bubbles over my lowercase "I's" and "J's" instead of dots.

I learned cursive when I was seven and eight and, while it's never been perfect, I don't think my cursive is too bad. I handwrite a lot of my stories before typing them up, and lately, I've been writing them in cursive just because I love the way it looks.

As part of this post, I did a handwriting tag from Tumblr. Feel free to do it yourself!

How do you feel about your handwriting? Do you prefer cursive or printing? Can you do calligraphy?

1 comment:

  1. Darn it, I should've double-checked the Random Fridays topic before I scheduled my post for today. Oh well. I'll un-schedule it and see if I can get something up for this today.

    Your handwriting is nice! Also, yay for others who write in cursive. :D


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