June 26, 2020

Random Friday: My Ideal Taylor Swift Concert

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Loverfest has been cancelled for this summer, though I was not planning to go. The only two U.S. locations she was playing were much too far away. However, if I could customize a Loverfest setlist, I think this is what it would look like. (There are a few songs I think Taylor would include that I didn't, and I doubt she'd actually do a setlist quite this long. But a girl can dream.)

Open with:

Cruel Summer

Why?: For a summer festival tour, this would be the perfect track to kick things off with. In my imagination, she'd pause one second longer after singing, "He looks up grinning like the devil," before launching into the chorus.

2. You Need to Calm Down
3. Blank Space
4. The Man
(She did this song acoustically at her City of Lover concert, but I think this is the rare Taylor track that shines better with full production.)

*costume change*

5. Sparks Fly/I Think He Knows mash-up

Why?: They're both about Taylor getting the hots for a guy.

6. Paper Rings

*move to B stage during this song for acoustic set, mini costume change*

7. You Are in Love/Lover mash-up
8. Cornelia Street (while it's lovely with full production, it's equally lovely acoustic)
9. Our Song
10. It's Nice to Have a Friend (preferably with ukulele instead of guitar)
11. The Archer

*move back to main stage while singing this next one*

12. Delicate

*costume change*

13. Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince
14. I Knew You Were Trouble
15. Out of the Woods

*costume change*

16. Style/Love Story/You Belong With Me mash-up, exactly like it was on the Reputation Stadium Tour
17. Death by a Thousand Cuts (I like this better as the acoustic version she did for City of Lover, but I already included more acoustic songs than she usually does.)

*costume change*

18. Red/Daylight piano mash-up



Why?: Because it's still drum-heavy but also a bit slower. Also it would be the perfect set-up for her post-show meet-and-greet room to be called The Afterglow, and she's literally closing the show by singing, "Meet me in the afterglow."

*quick costume change for encore*

Taylor hasn't done an encore since the Speak Now World Tour, but I am willing it into existence.

20. Long Live (on guitar of course)
21. Me! (Couldn't leave this one off the setlist unfortunately. It has closer potential, but I like the note of closing on Afterglow, then coming back and doing this one.)

So which artist would you design a setlist for, and what would it consist of?

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