March 3, 2013

2013 Oscars Worst Dressed

There was a comment on the best dressed post, asking me to do worst dressed.  Let's get started, shall we?

Worst Dressed of the Night

Kristen Stewart in Naeem Khan.
My goodness, this is just a hot mess.  It's not even hot.  Her hair=ugh.  That dress=horrific.  And that same old frown.

Runner-up for Worst Dressed

Melissa McCarthy in David Meister
My main problem with this is that it does NOTHING for Melissa.  The dress is boxy and makes her look like a box.  It's not about her weight; there are dresses that she could look much better in.  And don't even get me started on her hair. (I think she and Kristen Stewart had the same stylist.)

Fan Bingbing in Marchesa
My eyes.  I like pink as much as the next girl, but that dress is just hideous.  This is not a 1980s prom, my dear.

Kelly Rowland in Donna Karan Atelier
Hot mess.  This time, Kelly looks pretty (her hair and make-up, and shoes, too), but that dress.  My goodness, I'm practically dying just looking at it.

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino
I'm sorry, but was bad hair a theme at the Oscars?  It's like the worst dressed actresses got together and said, "Let's go with lackluster locks to compliment our looks!"  And I can't say I like the dress, either.  It doesn't help that it clashes with the red carpet.

Kristen Chenoweth in Tony Ward
Baby, that's too much dress for someone so short.  Plus, baby, you need to lay off the self-tanner (or whatever you use).

Anne Hathaway in Prada
So Anne switched dresses to this mess?  I don't know what she was thinking. *sigh* At least she has an Oscar now; maybe she'll stop acting like she's a gift to humanity and the greatest actress ever just because she unnecessarily cut her hair and starved herself to play Fantine.

Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward Couture
I'm so over her purple hair.  And there are way too many straps and sashes on that dress.

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior
Beautiful woman.  Ugly dress.  It's much too plain, and so blah.

Sandra Bullock in Elie Saab
I think Sandra was part of that boring hair get-together.  And what's sad is that Elie Saab is one of my favorite designers.  This looks like something to wear to a party with the Addams Family.

Halle Berry in Versace
Too metallic and robotic.  She looks like a game show girl from the future.

Aparna Danna in ???
I love a good sari, especially in purple and silver.  But one does not wear a sari - especially with a cut-out at the stomach - to the Oscars.  It just isn't done.

So there you have it: my worst dressed list from the 2013 Academy Awards.  Here's hoping that, next year, there are a lot more best dressed women!

(Oh, and Jeremy Renner was at the Oscars in a Givenchy tux.  HAWKEYE NEEDS TO WEAR A TUX IN THE AVENGERS 2, BY DIRECT ORDER OF EMMA.)


  1. Hey emma, one thing I would like to say is that while Kristen might not of looked great, she did have a reason to be frowning. She was injured and they didn't allow her to use her crutches so she was in a lot of pain. I think I would be frowning too.

    How did Anne unnecessarily starve herself. He was playing a starving girl and having Fantine looked like she was perfectly healthy would not made the film as great as it was. As an actress she fulfilled her role in the movie.

    Some of those dresses were diffenitly out there I must say.


    1. Kristen ditched the crutches of her own free will. Plus, she rarely smiles.

      Anne lost more weight than she needed to (she went on an insane diet; I don't remember the exact details). She was already thin, but she made herself gaunt.

    2. While Anne's diet was extremely unhealthy for her, it helped her her to portray a women the is starving to death. Anne didn't even want to discuss with anyone what she did because she didn't want anyone to follow her lead.

      And I must apologize about when I said that they wouldn't allow her to use crutches, I was basing that off of something that my friend told me, I should have done more research. But even thought she chose not to use them it still must have been painful to walk around with a foot the had been cut by glass. I don't think anyone would be smiling if they were in her predicament.

    3. Trust me, I know Les Mis. But Anne Hathaway was not right for the role of Fantine to begin with, and I've heard the crew was concerned about how much weight she lost.

    4. Anne Hathaway not right for Fantine?? Oh my goodness girl, she was perfect! :)

    5. If you've seen Lea Salonga as Fantine, you'd know she is the endgame Fantine. Anne doesn't have the vocals to make I Dreamed a Dream a powerhouse song whilst making it vulnerable. I've also read too many interviews and heard too many of her acceptance speeches where she acts like she made these HUGE sacrifices cutting her hair and acts like she is amazing. I ussed to like Anne-I really did. But not anymore.

    6. This is from an article really tells what I am trying to say:

    7. Kristen should still smile, even if it's just a bit. She always looks totally unhappy to be wherever she is, and she's the one who chose to be an actress and be in the spotlight.

  2. Kristen Stewart is looking more and more like a vampire as time wears on. Anne Hathaway's dress looks like someone randomly sewed squares of of fabric together.

  3. i have to agree! these are THE WORST dresses/hair i have ever seen on the Oscars


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