April 4, 2014

Random Friday: Bookstores

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Bookstores are definitely like a second home to me, particularly the one in my town and the closest Barnes & Noble.  I can spend hours in them, just exploring the shelves and reading books I find.

Well, for this week's Random Friday, I have a special treat for you.  Kate and I took a trip to Barnes & Noble one Friday in March, and we filmed it.  I've always wanted to show y'all how excited I get when I see books in the wild and what books I like seeing on shelves.  Plus, I needed to shop for a friend's birthday gift, which she's received by now.  I think it was very entertaining for Kate to watch me fangirl over various books.  Side note: I apologize in advance because I talk VERY fast and because I didn't want to draw too much attention to us, so I didn't always talk loudly enough (so make sure you turn up the volume).


  1. 1. I love your coat. LOVE IT.
    2. That was a really fun video! It was cool seeing how you go through the bookstore (and also being able to say "hey, I do that too!" . . . though not with the 'undressing books' thing. xD)
    3. What did you end up getting her?
    4. So I take it you've read Girl of Fire and Thorns? What did you think of it? I got it out at the library because I saw it sitting there and I'd heard about it on another book blog but I couldn't quite remember what they'd said about it (other than it was good or goodish) and I couldn't remember if you'd reviewed it or not.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. 1. Thanks! I found it at a consignment shop on our way to Door County two years ago.
      2. Aw, thanks.
      3. Well, she was supposed to comment here and tell y'all, but...I got her Heist Society and Splintered.

    2. 1. You're welcome, and cool.
      2. You're welcome!
      3. Ah. And awesome. I haven't read either of those books (yes, Heist Society is on my TBR list), but I know you have good taste, so I'm sure she'll enjoy them.
      4. Great! Thanks for telling me! Now I feel much better about getting it out when I wasn't sure about it. xD (Now to find time to read it . . . and The Elite too . . .)

  2. Oh, and BTW, if you have spare time sometime, you might want to update your review archive. It looks like it hasn't been updated in a while. Just a thought.

    1. Really? I was pretty sure I'd updated it recently when my review of Salvage posted. The ones that don't have links are going to be reviewed, but the posts haven't gone live yet. ;)

    2. Hmm. Maybe I just thought that you'd reviewed something you hadn't, then.


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