April 25, 2014

Random Friday: Guide to My TBR List

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For those of you who are newer to the book-blogging community, you may be wondering what a TBR list.  It's a to-be-read list, all those books you intend to read in the near or distant future.  Before I was a book blogger, I didn't have a TBR list. I bought books in my favorite series as they released and checked random books out of the library.  But as I became a book blogger and followed my peers, I found more and more books I wanted to try.  So I knew I had to do something about it to keep them all organized.  I'm definitely a list-keeper when I'm trying to be organized, so that's the method I chose.

I have two TBR lists: one on Goodreads and one on here.  The one on Goodreads updates automatically whenever I add or remove a book.  I also have two separate shelves to help me organize the books even further: to-be-read books that have been released (The Summer I Became a Nerd and Ask Again Later, for example) and to-be-read that are unreleased (The One and Mortal Heart, for starters, but the list also has many 2015 releases on it, as well).

According to my Goodreads TBR list, I have approximately 150 books I want to read.

And I'm sure every time I add another book without removing one, there is someone who reacts like Troy does below. 

The list on here has to be manually updated every time I add a new book or read one.  It takes a lot more time, and I always worry that I have something out of place (because its release date has changed, or I didn't put it in the right place to start with).  If you're checking out my extremely long TBR list on here, first of all, GOOD LUCK.  Second of all, it's organized first of all by released and unreleased.  The books without a date by them are released.  I list them in the order that I found them or the order that they were released (at the bottom of this section are all newer releases because I just remove the date when it's their publication day).  Unreleased books are listed by release date and then title.  It is definitely exhausting doing the up-keep for this list, and its length is the reason I added a new tab for my favorite books (I worried people couldn't find that list, since it's a wee bit shorter than my TBR list!).

Phew, I think I talked about everything pertinent!  Dance party time.

How do you organize your TBR list?  Do you keep a spreadsheet? Do you have a Goodreads account?  Discuss!


  1. My TBR list is in my head . . . not a very safe or efficient place to keep it, but I rarely get around to writing it down.

  2. That last GIF is just too fantastic for words.

  3. My TBR is completely organized on Goodreads. I have a couple different shelves:

    Wishlist: Books that I don't own that I want to read. Count: like 189.
    To Be Read: Books that I own that I haven't read: Count: like 106.
    ARCs to Read: ARCs that I own and need to read (these go on both the TBR and this shelf). Count: 30.

    Basically I am going to die never reading most of these books. I have a problem. Lol. But there's so many good books out there for me to read!!!

  4. Haha! I love how you described in GIFs how it feels to have an insurmountable TBR. Mine has 126 books on it right now, which is not many compared to other bloggers, but still feels like a lot to me. I could never stop using Goodreads, though, because I'm a huge lister as well - especially when it comes to to-do lists, and a to-read list is just a fun version of a to-do list. You just have to remember that reading the books will be FUN, not a chore, and even though it's sad that you may never get to all of them, you can enjoy the ones you DO get to read.


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