April 15, 2014

#RBWL, or In Which I Share What I Want

Yesterday, everyone's favorite Twitter event occurred once more.  As I explained last Wednesday, #RBWL stands for Reader/Blogger Wish List, and under the hashtag, bloggers and readers alike can tweet what they'd like to see in books.  Last fall, I had a wrap-up post, so I certainly needed to do another one this time.  And thank you, Shae, for asking me to help out. :)

Let's start with my numerous tweets.

Check back on Thursday, when I share the wrap-up of my favorite ideas from everyone else!


  1. "teen fangirl had the power to visit all her favorite worlds, but her ability starts to malfunction so she gets stuck?" this is my favorite ever! That would be so freaking cool!!

  2. If you want a futuristic but not dystopian/post apocalypse, try A Long Long Sleep. It's really good without much ugly, as you put it.

  3. Seriously in love with all these ideas. We need to commission some authors!


  4. Oh my pumpernickel, I'm getting ideas. Especially on the teen fangirl one. Though copyright and stuff could cause trouble with that one . . . unless . . . hmm . . .

  5. I LOVE ALL THE THINGS you mentioned. Btw, did you read THE LUNAR CHRONICLES? It is a trilogy of three fairytales that come together. I hope you check out my blog. Next week i'll be sharing my own wishlist. Thank you.


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