April 18, 2014

Random Friday: Recipes I Want to Try

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I know someone suggested this during my 50k giveaway to get an extra entry, but I'd already had this week's topic planned for awhile.  I hope they're excited!

Anyways, I love to bake, and I'm always on the hunt for new recipes.  These recipes are on my to-make list.  I'm not going to post the recipes here, but if you want them, just let me know!

1. Blueberry Peach Cobbler
I love peach cobbler, and I love the idea of mixing the fruity flavors here.

2. Chocolate Italian Love Cake
This cake is really cool.  You put the cake layer in first and then a layer of ricotta cheese and other ingredients, but in the baking process, the cheese and cake are supposed to switch positions (which I think is crazy awesome).

3. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
I think Taylor Swift has made cookies like this, and I'm definitely down with making anything she has.

4. Sopapilla Cheesecake
Flaky, cream cheesy goodness.

5. Strawberry Pie Bars and Peach Pie Bars
Pie in bar form? Um, yum. (Especially because one has cream cheese frosting and the other has cinnamon glaze)

6. Peach Crumble Bars
Basically, because I love almost anything peach.

7. Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake Bars
Can I just say that I LOVE cheesecake?  So these definitely sound amazing.

So those are the recipes I want to try imminently.  I really hope a lot of people do this post because I am always looking for new recipes, like I said. 


  1. Ooh, sounds yummy! I'm hoping to get a post like this up later; I've fallen rather behind in my blogging.

  2. All of these sound wonderful, but especially those Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake Bars. That sounds to delicious to even be a thing!
    I'm a new follower and excited to get to know you and your blog.
    ~Sarah Faulkner


  3. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite thing in the fall! Oh my gosh, so freaking good. And that cinnamon swirl cheesecake thing? *drools*

  4. Have you ever tried mug recipes? They are really east to make and it is really interesting everything you can make in a coffee mug!

    1. I make brownies in mugs all the time. Tried doing a chocolate chip cookie, and it turned out terribly. I have a recipe for mac-and-cheese in a mug that I still need to try.

    2. My new favorite is cinnamon rolls in a cup. It is really simple and probably the best mug recipe I have ever tried.


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