September 13, 2019

DNF Review: Suggested Reading

Suggested Reading by David Connis
Grade: DNF
Release date: September 17, 2019
An e-galley was provided by HarperCollins via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.
Summary: Clara Evans is horrified when she discovers her principal’s “prohibited media” hit list. The iconic books on the list have been pulled from the library and aren’t allowed anywhere on the school’s premises. Students caught with the contraband will be sternly punished.

Many of these stories have changed Clara’s life, so she’s not going to sit back and watch while her draconian principal abuses his power. She’s going to strike back.

So Clara starts an underground library in her locker, doing a shady trade in titles like Speak and The Chocolate War. But when one of the books she loves most is connected to a tragedy she never saw coming, Clara’s forced to face her role in it.

Will she be able to make peace with her conflicting feelings, or is fighting for this noble cause too tough for her to bear?

When did I stop reading?: 21% into my e-galley.
Why did I stop reading?: This read like a female-narrated book written by a guy. Seriously. The premise was great, but the author should've written a male protagonist instead. Also the short choppy chapters were annoying, and I was 20% into the book and feeling bored.

The Verdict: Could've been better.

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