September 6, 2019

Random Friday: Travel Bucket List - North America

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There are so many places I want to travel! So I'm breaking them down over two weeks of Random Friday posts. Today, I'm covering just the places in the U.S. and Canada that I want to visit. (And if you want to include Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, feel free to! I personally haven't added any of those countries to my bucket list yet, but I'm sure I will soon.)

The U.S.

San Francisco
Partly because two of my good friends are from there, also because it just seems like a better jumping off point to visit California than L.A. I also pinned a blog post about a Northern California road trip, and I wouldn't say no to wine country.

Charleston, South Carolina
I love Southern architecture and food. But this is definitely a spring or fall trip, NOT for the dead of summer. (Even Virginia is unbearable in the summer.)

New York City
Yes, I know. I lived there for a year. BUT THERE WAS SO MUCH I DIDN'T GET TO DO. Like speakeasies, the Hamilton house, so many restaurants, the tenement museum, see more of Queens, and finish my pie adventure.

New England in fall, of course. And also it doesn't hurt that it's super close to Quebec...

Santa Fe, New Mexico
This is a recent addition to the list, so I definitely need to find more posts to pin, but I have one that's a good start. :)


Once again, this is another destination where we didn't do everything we wanted to. Also, I kind of just want to live in Quebec City soooo.

Prince Edward Island
I wouldn't be a good bibliophile if I didn't want to go to Anne of Green Gables Land.

Cause I definitely needed another West Coast destination, and a Swiftie friend is from there, and she's always hyping it up.

So where do YOU want to travel in North America? And do you have any recommendations for me - either at the places I listed, or for places I didn't list? I'm definitely up for any recs!!!

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1 comment:

  1. Vermont is on my list! I think seeing the leaves in Fall would be beautiful. NYC is also on my list! :)


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