September 8, 2019

Thoughts on Lover

It's been two weeks since Taylor Swift's latest studio album released, and I wouldn't be a proper Swiftie if I didn't share my brief, but, all-encompassing thoughts on the album.

Lover by Taylor Swift
Grade: A-

Some brief thoughts: Was honestly surprised at how many tracks were under 3 minutes, and how many were under 3.5 minutes. A few of them definitely show their length, but a couple don't. (Namely, "Cruel Summer" actually seems complete, despite being only 2:58 long.) I am SO glad there were no Max Martin/Shellback tracks; they've helped her write some good ones ("Wildest Dreams," "Style," "Delicate," "King of My Heart"), but overall, I think they overproduce songs, don't focus on good lyrics as much, and are just meant to create radio earworms. Jack Antonoff isn't perfect, but he's helped create some of my favorite Taylor tracks on the last two albums before Lover. It's also fun to see Taylor work with some new producers and songwriters, though I'm still holding out for her to work with more female songwriters/producers. Imogen Heap helped create "Clean," which is such a strong song, and the whole fanbase owes a lot to Liz Rose, who helped write some of Taylor's most iconic early tracks. Perhaps we'll get that for TS8...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Fave tracks: "Cruel Summer," "Lover," "I Think He Knows," "Cornelia Street," "The Archer," "Daylight," "Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince," and "Afterglow."

Least favorite tracks: The lead singles, as well as "False God" and "I Forgot That You Existed."

Favorite lyrics: 

"I don't wanna keep secrets/just to keep you." ~ "Cruel Summer"

"And there's a dazzling haze/a mysterious way about you, dear." ~ "Lover"

All of "The Archer." (But especially the second and third pre-choruses.)

"Boys will be boys then/where are the wise men?" ~ "Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince"

"Now I've read all the books beside your bed." ~ "Paper Rings" (I am a bookworm to my core!!)

"I hate accidents/except when we went from friends to this." ~ "Paper Rings"

"We were a fresh page on the desk filling in the blanks as we go/As if the streetlights pointed in an arrowhead leading us home." ~ "Cornelia Street"

"And baby I get mystified by how this city screams your name." ~ "Cornelia Street"

"We bless the rains on Cornelia Street" (We see you with your "Africa" reference, Taylor.)

"If the story's over/why am I still writing pages?" ~ "Death by a Thousand Cuts"

"I lived like an island/Punished you with silence." ~ "Afterglow"

All of "Daylight." Especially the bridge, though.

My ranking (as compared to Taylor's other albums): 

Speak Now
Taylor Swift

I love the concept of Taylor including diary entries, though I wish they had only been combined in, like, two longer deluxe editions. And I really miss actual deluxe edition tracks, which we haven't gotten since 1989. I know Lover is already long, but Red had 19 tracks, counting deluxe, and 22, if you count the demo and acoustic editions included. Also, I wish the CDs that came with the deluxe edition still came in a jewel case, or even the little paper case that she did for the reputation deluxe editions because I don't want to cart around one of the notebook-size editions every time I want to listen to Lover in the car.

Sleep-deprived me in front of the Lover display at my local Target. (Can you see those bags under my eyes? They're all Taylor's fault!!)

So what do YOU think of Taylor's latest album?

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  1. I plan on writing a post about Lover eventually (hopefully soon!). I really love the album! :)


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