September 16, 2019

So You Like... #87

Recommending books is so much fun. I've probably said that a lot before. It gets a little harder when doing posts like this, as opposed to just one-off recommendations, but it's still fun. The idea for this post started brewing after I talked to someone who had been at the same Ruta Sepetys event as me. We mentioned how great it was that she told these little-known stories in history, and that got me thinking about perhaps some of the other parts of history we don't see as much in historical fiction. So this post is all about if you like...


You should read...

anything by Stacey Lee:
(My personal favorite is Outrun the Moon but all three of her YA historical fiction stories are excellent)

(Always here for lady lawyers solving crimes.)

(For anyone who didn't know England wasn't and isn't a super white country. Plus plenty of middle grade Agatha Christie-esque fun.)

(pre-WWII Germany)

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(If you'd prefer bite-sized historical fiction tales.)

31246918. sy475
(For a pioneer story that isn't the Wild West.)

Have you read Ruta Sepetys's books? I'm super excited for her new one, The Fountains of Silence, that pubs in just a couple weeks. :)

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