December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas to All the Book Characters I've Loved Before

And still love, I promise. But when you've been doing a post series for seven(!!) years, it gets harder to be creative with the titles. ;P

First Sophie from Maybe This Time,

I gift another book about events and weddings.

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To Emoni from With the Fire on High...

33028035. sx318

Because girl needs some fun pie recipes to bake.

For Mae from Field Notes on Love,

I've chosen another book with an aspiring filmmaker.

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To Cameron from If I'm Being Honest,

who would probably like to read about more determined heroines in retellings of classic literature....

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For Rachel from Devoted,

who I continue to gift books to each year, I've chosen another excellent fantasy story.


For Theo from Lady Smoke,

I've picked another fantasy about rebellion and magic.


And finally, for Analee from Analee, in Real Life,

I've selected two books about friendships formed through mediums other than in person.

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Which books would you gift to your favorite characters this year?


  1. I love this post. As a gan of Waitress, I love the inclusion of the the Waittess Pie cookbook.

  2. Is it possible to gift American Panda to Mei? I wish she'd be able to see that everything would turn out okay for her in the end :).


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