December 27, 2019

Random Friday: Favorite Movies of 2019

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While I didn't see nearly as many movies this year as I did in 2018, there were still some standouts.

1. Captain Marvel
The best Marvel film this year. Period. 

2. Yesterday
I really liked the Beatles-ness of this one. Plus, they could've gone for a bland white protagonist but instead they cast a British-Indian actor in a story NOT about diversity for once.

3. Spider-Man: Far from Home
We are all surprised that I liked a Spider-Man film. (Also I totally recognized where they shot that mid-credits scene. It's right by where I lived in the summer of 2018. I'm just annoyed that I moved to Brooklyn like two weeks before they filmed it!!)

4. Harriet
It is 2019, and we just got a movie about Harriet Tubman. It's slightly dramatized (i.e., not a documentary) but still good.

5. Frozen II
I have disavowed the first movie, but the second one is more complex, has more music running through it, and does some cool things with animation.

6. Jumanji: The Next Level
It was funny, and I like movies that aren't necessarily super serious.

So what were your favorite movies this year?

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