December 11, 2019

What I Reread in 2019

Barring whatever I'll reread in December, I reread 67+ books this year. And I thought it would be fun to discuss which ones I did, and what I wanted to but didn't get around to rereading.

What I Reread


~I binged the Harry Potter series again this summer! What a wild ride. It had been a few years since I read them. I'd reread a few a few years ago when I wrote my essay about why Severus Snape is the absolute worst, but most of that was skim rereads.
~I reread more SJM books for work.
~I reread several of the books in my beloved The Mother-Daughter Book Club series, as well as some of the later Betsy-Tacy books.
~I may have reread several Babysitters Club books, though I didn't put most of them in my spreadsheet since I blazed through them so quickly. Shoutout to the NYPL for having most of the series as e-books.
~Another longtime favorite - the Heist Society trilogy - got a reread this past spring. I live for the day Ally Carter announces book four.
~I only reread two books more than once: Famous in a Small Town and Foolish Hearts. #1 Emma Mills stan, if you couldn't tell.
~Last month, I did a mini readalong with a fellow blogger who was reading the Murder Most Unladylike series for the first time! I hadn't read the first two books in AGES, so that was a fun rediscovery.

What I Wish I'd Reread

There were definitely several books I didn't have the time to reread. Here are a few key titles:


~I really wanted to reread the Gallagher Girls series. I reread Heist Society every year or so, but GG has definitely fallen by the wayside. (I think it being a longer series makes it a little more daunting.)
~Every year I set a goal to reread books I haven't in awhile, to see if I still like them and if I still want to own them. I suck at fulfilling this goal. (Though I did manage to do it with a few books!) Namely, though, I didn't get around to rereading Rachael Allen's books or The Secrets of Lily Graves.
~After I loved the Veronica Speedwell series this winter/spring, I wanted to reread them, now that I own all four. Alas. I'll probably wait until it's closer to book 5's release, now that 2019 is almost over.
~As for a few other books that it's been awhile since I reread, here's what I'm hoping to get to:

So what did you reread this year, or what had you hoped to reread in 2019?

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