February 25, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I'd Follow on Social Media

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

I'm picky about what/who I follow on social media, but there are definitely some book characters whose Instagrams I'd follow so fast.

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1. Any of Emma Mills's characters
I'm thinking the main characters primarily, but Gideon Prewitt would be an A+ choice too.

2. Cameron from If I'm Being Honest
I just know she'd have a good feed.

3. Verity from Rebel Mechanics
Realistically, she wouldn't have social media, but I'd love to see hijinks from alternate history 1880s New York.

4. Dee Montgomery from Open Road Summer
I already follow Taylor Swift; might as well follow another music artist.

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5. Kira from The Lovely and the Lost
It would be all pictures of dogs, right?

6. Aubree from Wanderlost
All the pictures from Europe, please.

7. Emily and Sloane from Since You've Been Gone
Everything about their book and the Polaroids screams good Instagram feeds.

8. Emoni from With the Fire on High
Surely she'd post lots of food pictures and some cute baby ones, too.

9. Estrella from Wild Beauty
For the garden pictures.

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10. Anna Oliphant from Anna and the French Kiss
It's agreed that she'd post tons about France, right?

Which characters would you follow on social media in a heartbeat?

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  1. Reading about hijinks from alternate history 1880s New York would be amazing. I'd love to see something like that on Instagram.

    My TTT .


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