May 24, 2012

Your Last Day

This morning, a sort-of friend (classmate/acquaintance) of mine lost her mom to cancer. :(  So that got me thinking about what I would do if I knew this was my last day on Earth.

Create a video diary, saying good-bye to everyone.
Quick write up a will (I want my iPad, books, etc. in good hands).
Make sure my books (the ones I've written) end up in the right hands.
Write a very expressive note to the president about how I feel the country should be run, and what's being done wrong.
Tell my BFF to use my college fund money and any other money I have to go to Paris for me.
Tell as many people I can about Jesus.

What would you do?


  1. You know what? I have no idea. Great question though....... I'll be thinking about that for the rest of the night you know....

  2. There's so much. I guess I would...
    Fly to Chicago to meet my idols (the StarKids)
    Send a letter to J.K. Rowling
    Apologize to my sister for everything I've done to her
    Write a will
    Spend my last hour with my dog

  3. And by the way, Emma, I am very sorry for your classmate. My sister's friend lost her mother due to cancer, and my other friend's mom has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. So many people lose relatives, friends, etc. to cancer. It's an awful thing to go through. And so many people have to go through it.

  4. So sad. I never got to meet my grandpa because of lunge cancer. :( Hm... i think i would want to spend my last day just having fun with family and friends.

  5. I would try to do almost the same things as you, Emma.
    Especially tell people about Jesus!

    -D. Skye <3

  6. Emma,

    I just found out that the sister of a lady who works for my dad was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Will you please pray for her? I will also pray for your friend. I am very sorry that happened. Cancer is always a very sad thing. Especially if people die from it.

    -D. Skye


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