May 1, 2012

Script Frenzy

Did I mention I finished my script?  Well, I did. ;) And now here for y'all to see is the chosen poster.

I chose the one done by Leah!  So, thanks, Leah. ;) And thank you, too, to Joelle and Amy.  They both created posters, as well.  Girls, your posters were great, but I ultimately chose Leah's. ;)

Now to send the poster to Heather Vogel Frederick...


  1. Oh well. I knew mine wasn't that great :P You're welcome, though! It was fun :D

  2. Wow that looks really good! I'm sure yours was awesome too Joelle. Emma, are you actually gonna make a mini movie? That would be awesome!

    1. Haha, I wish. No, a couple friends and I are just filming a trailer for the would-be MDBC film. We've talked about doing an actual movie, but it would take a lot of fitting into all our different schedules, and we'd need adults and tons of kids and lots of good places for filming. Not going to happen. :P Someday, though. Someday. ;)

    2. OOH OOH! If you need a Jess, I would be happy to volunteer....*braids blonde hair* See? :P XD

    3. If anyone on this blog is going to be Jess, it's going to be me. xD But I'll probably cast someone else if I make it as a movie myself (since I'll be producer). And then some day, when I help make it an actual movie, I'm going to make sure the most accurate people are cast.

    4. about Becca? *lets blonde hair out of braid* See? Just kidding! :)


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