May 2, 2012

**Mother's Day**

Okay, readers, Mother's Day is in just about a week and a half.  I have that exact amount of time to decide on something to give my mom.  I can't spend any more than $10 because her birthday is this month, and I'll need to get her something for that, too. (And then there's Father's Day next month. :P Oy, too many gifts to buy!)  I'd like ideas.  She likes books and scrapbooking mostly.  I've given her lots of giftcards over the years, though, so I'd kind of like to avoid that.  I'll take ideas that don't cost money, too, if you'd be so kind. :) So let's start brainstorming!


  1. I make my mom a bouquet of origami flowers. Do you know origami?

    And my Mom's birthday is this month too! How weird!


  2. Shoo everyone else out of the house, or find a nice quiet place to be by yourselves and treat her to a spa complete with nail polish that you already have! :) You can make your own facial scrub, just Google recipes! ;) Or you could have a tea party! <3 Bake her some cookies, fix her favorite tea and let the party begin! Hope this helps! It's more of an experience then a present! For my sister's graduation I am giving her an experience! <3 Hope this helps! :)

    1. That's exactly what I do! Emma, you really should try it. Your mom will love it.


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