May 23, 2012


I want to see a show of hands-how many of you are writers?  Oh, wait...I can't see you.  Whoops!  Well, you can comment telling me. ;)

I want to hear about your writing process.  Do you get an idea, research everything about it, write your first draft, then edit, or do you get an idea, start writing it, research as you go along, and then edit, or what? :) For me, it's generally the latter of the two I just listed.  Sometimes I'll edit as I go along.

I keep having ideas for books!  It's very frustrating because then, usually, only one book gets attention for a couple weeks.  If I look at the list in my flash drive, I currently have eight unfinished stories.  And then there's about five more ideas!  I think part of my problem is I have stories that I have the most perfect idea for, but I can't fully get the idea out, so I let the story sit there.  I don't want to just toss the idea.  Eventually, if I can't figure out anything for it, I delete the story and its info.

I have finished stories.  Albeit, a lot of them are short.  But I've also finished my first MDBC fanfiction, and this book series (unpublished) called A Life of Faith: Grace Woodley.

How many books do you have finished? How many are unfinished?


  1. My writing process? Hmm...I'm more of a fantasy person, so not too much research involved--except for if I include any facts I research them first. I have 3 stories undone--I'm not as much of a writer as you are...not nearly as much!

  2. First of all I LOVE THE MOTHER DAUGHTER BOOK CLUB!!!!! I really want to read your story!!!!!

    I LOVE writing. I have about 7 different stories going, and I'm always having MORE ideas.

    My writing process starts with my idea (no duh). Then I think of the characters and literally EVERY SINGLE characteristic about them. Then whenever I have an idea for that story I write it all down. Sometimes (actually most of the time) I find myself writing a piece down that is more towards the end of the book before even knowing how to start my story.

    Have you ever heard of Wattpad? It's this online writing site where you can publish your work or read other people's. Here's the link if you want to check it out:

  3. Yeah I don't write.... So yeah....

  4. Also with stories you're having a hard time with, you should merge a couple of the ideas together. I do that all them time.

  5. I love your blog!!!! God bless!
    The Curious Christian

  6. Hmm....well, neither of the two! :) I write it........and then I suppose I research a TEENY bit! :)


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