May 9, 2012

I Have No Life

This is the moment when you should all be supportive and say, "Oh, no, I'm sure you have a life, Emma!" xD LOL, you don't have to.  I know I don't have a life.

Exhibit A: This morning, I did schoolwork.  This afternoon, I've been writing and listening to old music (specifically songs by Frank Sinatra).  What teenaged girl does that?!  Besides moi, of course.  I mean, the music is good, and I love, love, love writing.  But I could be socializing with my friends...if they weren't busy. 

I'd be busy, too, I suppose, if I liked social activities.  I usually run from social gatherings, just because I'm so shy.  I'll make a few exceptions for events at my co-op, like the dance this past Friday and other things.  But usually, I run for the hills.

That's why I'm so social online...except for chatting on Facebook.

So, are you very outgoing in real life or more shy?


  1. Depends on who I'm with, but I'm generally a shy person at heart. I've always envied those people who are totally comfortable with everyone they meet. And, Emma? I'm sure you have a life. ^.^

  2. I honestly have no idea! Sometimes I get worried about not finding anyone to hang out with at an event and other times I know I'll be fine even when I don't know a single person there... and yeah I agree with Sea J, you so do have a life! Quick question, can you participate in my "Sentence Story?" You can go here for info about it
    I need your help and I know you LOVE to write!
    Thanks, and good luck with your crush!

  3. I tend to be outgoing, but I really should get out more! ;) Hey, you're not the only teenaged girl who listens to Frank Sinatra!! My sister does ALL the time and she loves him. I love the classics...I mean, I listen to my dad's old music for heaven's sake! I listened to Barry Manilow the other day...(by the way, I am NOT a fan of him! :P) Thank goodness I am on summer break now so I can have a little bit of a life! But I pretty much have no life either...these first few weeks of summer will be spent cleaning and baking for my sister's graduation...Well, I'm sure you have a life, but if you don't....I hope your "life" improves! <3

  4. I tend to stay in the middle on something I am very outgoing but on others I run away...... But i get why you wouldn't message your crush I would NEVER do that. I would rather do it in person :). but then again my crushes are only famous people.... I find it embarrassing that i sit around listening to One Direction all day but i like their music.... I bet you have more of a life than me! At least you have a facebook!

    1. I don't have a Facebook either! :P Funny that we don't have lives OR Fb's!! :D

  5. Well, be glad your crush isn't as messed up as mine.
    He's rarely on chat, and when he is, our chats are the most awkward things EVER.

    Exhibit A: One chat, he continually went 'Waka waka waka waka" telling me it was a Shakira song. After I gave up and left (to his protests of how I could not know Shakira) I searched up the song he told me and there was not one utter of 'waka' in it.

    Exhibit B: In a different chat, I was responded to by 'his brother' who did his best to convince me my crush did, indeed have a brother (I know for sure he only has a single sister, and that's it). And then it was picked up by a different 'brother'.
    And again I gave up xD

    So don't lose hope, Emma. I'm fairly outgoing both on and offline.

  6. I don't really have a life either, and I guess I'm fine with that.
    I mean, I'm kind of the person that goes,
    "Hey, mom. I'm going to lock myself up in my room and write till I possibly can't write anymore, which will probably be the end of the world, like a regular person.


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