May 5, 2012

Cinderella? More like Princess Emma. ;)

Tonight was my homeschool co-op's spring banquet and dance. I had the best time ever (which in't saying much, since this is only my second time going). But one friend made it absolutely amazing. She isn't afraid to be herself, and she made me braver tonight. One song that came on was "Footloose" and I just kicked off my Sunday shoes (LOL) and danced my heart out. I even got some compliments. :)  I had lots of fun. We homeschoolers tend to dance in big circles, LOL, and it's fun. And I felt like a princess in my dress and with my hair all done. Oh, and one of my besties and I jokingly danced to a couple slow dances together, just since no guy had asked us. xD I'm still going on tons of energy, so I'm off to write!

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