October 19, 2013

Rocking Around the Clock

So last night, my co-op had a sock hop!  There weren't a lot of people there, which was kind of a bummer, but it was so much fun.  And we all looked rockin'. ;)

A button-down shirt and my awesome Modcloth skirt. :)

A high ponytail was essential for any 50s girl.  I accessorized with my Shipwreck Ariel bow from Taylor's Thingamabobs. :)

So girls would wear their boyfriends' class rings back then.  I got to borrow my mom's. :) 

Gotta love how perfect my skirt was for spinning.
"Spinning like a girl in a brand-new dress."


  1. That's beautiful!!:D
    I love it! + your hair's colour is awesome!

  2. What an adorable outfit! Where'd you get the skirt?

  3. That outfit is totally awesome, especially the skirt. Yay for spin-perfect skirts!

  4. Love the outfit, so cute! The event sounds really fun :)


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