October 31, 2013

What's Coming in November?

To answer my own question...LOTS OF GOOD STUFF.

So let me elaborate.

  • NaNoWriMo posts!  I'll be doing several updates a week on my word count, the song of the day, and other little random things related to my book and NaNo in general.
  • But never fear, Random Fridays will still be happening!  I have posts planned for the next month, and I know y'all will enjoy every single one.  All the topics are on the Random Fridays page, but I'll touch on them here: books, vacations, houses, bucket lists, and Thanksgiving.
  • Top Ten Tuesdays.  I plan to still do these (likely on November 5, 12, and 19).
  • A review of Allegiant.  I promise to keep it as spoiler-free as possible.
  • A guest review of Not a Drop to Drink.
  • An interview with a very special someone (or someones)...
  • A post about one particular book trend.
  • And much more!  There won't be a lot of reviews (probably just Allegiant, Not a Drop to Drink, and hopefully one for a book I got through ARCycling), but there will be plenty of other good stuff with typical Emma snark and insights.
November is going to be a fun month, I hope.  Y'all will have to stick around and see what happens!


  1. You're still doing Top Ten Tuesdays and Random Fridays? Wow.
    Looking forward to the posts this month!

    1. Of course! Blogging is a large part of my life.

  2. I'll definitely keep an eye for your wonderful posts!:)

  3. YAY! NaNo posts!! Can we talk about the dystopic fiction trend of capitalizing Every Word?

    1. Haha, I haven't noticed it that much. I think it happens whenever a writer creates a new world: dystopian, fantasy, sci-fi, whatever.


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