August 5, 2016

Random Friday: Art Museum Adventures

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I don't know about y'all, but I love art museums. I've only been to three (I think...), but the Art Institute of Chicago is my favorite and I want to explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art more in the future. I'm very fortunate, though, to live so close to an art museum that's completely free (except for special exhibitions). I've been there three times already since we moved back to the Richmond area, and when my mom and I went about a month ago, I took pictures for y'all.

(These were both part of the Kehinde Wiley exhibition. He paints black people in a manner reminiscent of the Old Masters to represent how black people often don't appear in older art - and when they do, it's often in the position of slaves.)

After checking out the special exhibition, we went up to the medieval and Renaissance art gallery, which is an area I've walked through to get to another gallery, but I've never stopped to look at the pieces. On our way, my mom noticed some printwork by a Japanese artist. Here's one of my favorites:

 I didn't take any pictures in the Medieval/Byzantine/Renaissance area, just because it's not my favorite type of art. We did have fun looking for triangles in the few Renaissance paintings. (This is one of the few things I remember from my art history class: the Renaissance painters put triangles everywhere in their work.)

And a visit to the VMFA isn't complete unless we go visit the replica of Degas's La Petite Danseuse in the French Impressionism gallery. I didn't take any pictures of her this time, but I took pictures of various Monet pieces, Van Gogh creations, and other paintings.

And then once we were done in the museum, we went to check out the gift shop since I'd never been in there before. After that, we went out to the gardens, which are so lovely.

Do you go to art museums a lot? Do you have a favorite? Or do you prefer other types of museums? Let's talk!

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