September 30, 2016

Random Friday: Favorite Class

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I'm going to talk about my favorite class this semester. Going into this semester, I had a feeling it would be one of two classes - and I was right.

Intermediate creative writing fiction is my favorite class of this semester by far. I'm a creative writing major, after all, and fiction is my specialty. The intermediate level class has been even better than the beginner level. We have so much more writing freedom; we still can't write a lot of science fiction and fantasy, but prompts are more open-ended, and the assignments due so far have been tailored so they work with each of our individual projects.

My prof is very big on free-write time in class (she was in beginning fiction too), and the last two classes, she's let us write on whatever we want related to our project for the semester, which means I've been working on my new book idea.

Speaking of our semester project, we have a final portfolio that has to be at least 75 pages of whatever fiction we want to work on - various short stories, part of a novel or novella, etc. So now I've got this goal of getting my new story to 75 pages, which may happen. Otherwise, I'll include some other shorter pieces I've written over the semester. I'm just glad that I feel like writing these days.

So do you have a favorite class this year/semester?

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